How Nice It Would Be

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Olevia didn’t fully understand how much Charles loved her until she read his letter. His words spoke to her more deeply than any she had heard in her young life. Charles wrote his most endearing feelings for Olevia, offering his love through the miles that separated them. He had found the love of his life and expressed his emotions beautifully. Charles had thought long and hard about what love meant to him and shared every one of his beliefs in the written lines.

He spoke of the long search and the realization that Olevia was the only woman for him. He vowed to love her their whole lives and wanted to get married as soon as possible. Charles wrote of Olevia’s concern for her mother and understood that her mother may need to live with them after the wedding. Something that could have easily been a deal breaker for many men, Charles would accept her mother into their home and make it work. He loved Olevia that much.

On the train, heading for Minneapolis, Minnesota for more training, Charles started making plans when he would be able to come back to Boise for their wedding around the middle of December, 1943. They would have ten days together for their honeymoon. He hoped it would work out the way he imagined it. It would be up to Olevia to make all the wedding plans. He wondered if it would give her the time she needed to create the wedding she wanted.

10 thoughts on “How Nice It Would Be

  1. notsofancynancy, thank you for liking my blog. We both have have been given a gift through our father’s letters and I feel like I’m seeing the world through Dad’s eyes as I read them. I enjoy reading your blog

  2. If Olevia didn’t know how much he loved her before, she definitely can tell in this letter. To say it’s okay for his mother-in-law to move in is a huge sarifice on his part, especially Since Charles wanted to be alone with Olevia so much.
    Anoher beautiful post, Patty. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • How sweet your comment is, segmation. I got sidetracked with poetry which has immersed me fully, so much so that I’ll soon be publishing a poetry book. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Since this post was written more than two years ago, I wonder how’s your writing project of compiling your parents’ war letters coming along? Thanks for visiting Ripple Effects. Hope to hear from you again there at the pond and here too at your own blog. Your writing project sounds most interesting, the exchanges of letters between your parents during the war. 😉

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