I Love You, Olevia

Lots of soldiers wrote love letters during WWII and Dad was no exception. Many soldiers felt an uncertainty about where they would be stationed and how long it might be before they could see loved ones again. A soldier needed someone to write to, someone to live for and someone to come home to. A soldier needed someone to love. In many ways it was a subconscious technique for survival.

Charles had fallen in love with Olevia. Six months seemed like a very long time considering they had known each other for a mere two months. Their time apart would prove to be a test for their relationship and their commitment to each other and their future. Their friends surely helped by providing a support system for Olevia at least. Charles was off by himself for now and letters or telegraphs and an occasional telephone call was the only way he had to stay connected. He shared a secret with Olevia. Perhaps he would give details in a later correspondence.

Note: It may be a little confusing seeing two people named Wes. Charles’ nickname is Wes, but as long as Wes Lyons is in the picture, I will refer to my dad as Charles.

WWII became a fight to the death for the future of the U. S. Our country was still struggling to come out of the Great Depression which lasted for ten years until 1939. It took a toll on many Americans. WWII provided, out of necessity, an attitude of the spirit of good triumphing over evil. The entire country came together for one sole purpose. America was going to win this war. A war that would later be called The Good War.

War bonds, rationing of fuel and food and all of industry combined resources and manpower for a common cause. An energy that had been bottled up and stifled for years of struggle and despair was woven into the very fabric of every item produced for the war effort. Jobs were created for people who needed work, a paycheck and a purpose. The timing couldn’t have been better for a war if war was to be. There was no way of avoiding it after Pearl Harbor was attacked on January 7, 1941. American citizens offered their abilities and skills to do whatever it took to help the world eliminate evil forces that made a mockery of basic human freedoms and rights. This war would test the mettle of every man, woman and child in America. Our fathers and mothers would have to prove themselves once again that they were survivors. They knew they had to fight the good fight.

Looking for Westbrook Family Members

Are there any Westbrook family members who are willing to fill in some history about our family? I’m looking for relatives of my grandparents Wesley Arnold Westbrook and Lillian Adena (Thomas) Westbrook from Steens, Mississippi.